Improve students creativity and mental health


We make mental health fun, actionable and accessible by providing users with insights and tools to build social confidence one steps at the time... while helping their institutions support them in their journey

Dropouts and mental health



  • Underperform or dropout if they feel socially inadequate

  • Don’t disclose their social issues

  • Issues can worsen if not handled


  • Don’t know which preventive initiatives to make and for who
  • Or whether they work

  • Employability rating increased need for social skills

OUR Solution



Screen users to understand their current level


Guiding users to find motivating goals and suitable steps


Help universities improve by giving them insights to issues


Help users go out in real world to do the step


A fun tool for students

.. to to improve confidence and social skills. Based on principles from exposure therapy we help students become more socially confident and reach their goals by doing small steps. We make it fun and motivating to work on your mental health.


And insights for their institutions 

Based on annonomysed and agregated data we provide reports with insights, that help institutions change for the better. 

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Who we are


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Rikke Møller Koblauch
Co-founder and Product designer


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Haik Ampardjian
CTO and iOS developer


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Sanne Bech Thougaard
Co-founder and Business developer


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Vlad Manea
Software developer and Ph.D. fellow



Our partners and advisors

Danish Mental Health Fund

Product development collaborator

A humanitarian, disease-fighting organization, Who's purpose is to break down prejudices and taboos, and put mental illness on the agenda

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster

Research advisor

Connects businesses, municipalities, and regions and brings them together to develop and implement digital healthcare solutions

Innovation Fund Denmark


Invests in new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment
in Denmark

Roskilde University (RUC)


Together with RUC we test a prototype designed especially for university students

The Danish Mental Health Fund is working to strengthen mental health and prevent mental illness. We are very committed to developing and spreading new solutions that can reach target groups, the established methods and offers do not reach. Therefore, we are pleased to have a collaboration with Steps, due to the great potential of the solution.
— Chief psychologist at Psykiatrifonden - Michael R. Danielsen