What we do

 The team is collecting user feedback and designing a new prototype

The team is collecting user feedback and designing a new prototype

We design digital self-help tools to increase people's social comfort and mental health. Our first product is called Steps and was launched in February 2017.

We give people tools to increase their social comfort, so our users can achieve the goals they dream of, whether it is to ask someone out on a date, present in front of an audience or being comfortable looking other people in the eyes.

We live in a world focused on extroversion and being a success in all areas of life, however many experience discomfort in social situations and therefore avoid them making it even harder to do it in the future. To fear social interactions is a big taboo which again makes people more sad and a bad spiral has started.

But it does not have to be so hard to practise social comfort. Steps is based on exposure therapy, a well proven psychological method to work towards they things you want to be able to do, and overcome the fears.


Based on principles from exposure therapy Steps helps users work on their social goals.

The common theme for our products are that they get the users to act out in the real world. Our most known product is the Steps app for iOS, which is free in the app store. We present the users to small challenges in areas such as; ‘Friendship’, ‘Working Life’, ‘Rejection’ etc. The user picks the challenges that fits them and their needs, this helps them realize the things they want to be able to do. More than 60.000 have downloaded Steps for iOS already.

Besides are app we are working on other prototypes such as messenger bots, where we test our newest functionality.


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Who we are


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Rikke Møller Koblauch
Co-founder and Product designer


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Haik Ampardjian
CTO and iOS developer


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Sanne Bech Thougaard
Co-founder and Business developer


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Vlad Manea
Software developer and Ph.D. fellow



Our partners and advisors

Danish Mental Health Fund

Product development collaborator

A humanitarian, disease-fighting organization, Who's purpose is to break down prejudices and taboos, and put mental illness on the agenda

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster

Research advisor

Connects businesses, municipalities, and regions and brings them together to develop and implement digital healthcare solutions

Innovation Fund Denmark


Invests in new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment
in Denmark

Roskilde University (RUC)


Together with RUC we test a prototype designed especially for university students

The Danish Mental Health Fund is working to strengthen mental health and prevent mental illness. We are very committed to developing and spreading new solutions that can reach target groups, the established methods and offers do not reach. Therefore, we are pleased to have a collaboration with Steps, due to the great potential of the solution.
— Chief psychologist at Psykiatrifonden - Michael R. Danielsen